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Travel Affirmation Deck

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The “COMFY TRAV”  affirmation card deck was designed as a tool to self - affirm the traveller in you. This deck of cards comes with inspiration messages, illustrations and images to help you set daily intentions to encourage more voyages and create positive thoughts about travelling. Negative self talk often disqualifies us before the adventure begins, this is your opportunity to undo that.

How to use these affirmation cards in 3 easy steps:

start your week right... 

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Meet the Creator

This is my gift to those who have disqualified themselves from being able to travel the world.


This deck of cards was created to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to step into those 

enriching travel experiences waiting for you.  


If you can think it, you can do it! 

You are worthy. 

You are capable. 

You have the power to self-affirm your ability to travel. 


The world truly is your oyster…are you ready to appreciate the pearls within? 


With love always!  

Pelumi  :)


Interested in wholesale?

Looking to add a unique travel essential to add to your store or are you organising a group trip and want to gift attendees something special; orders quantity over 20 decks are able to get an exclusive discount. 

How to use the Cards



Shuffle the cards and trust your instincts, select what you need in the moment.


Looking in the Mirror

Read out loud and visualise, affirm yourself with the beautiful words then flip the card, shut your eyes, and visualise yourself in that destination.


Thinking of Ideas

Reflect using these guiding questions: 

What do the words mean to me?

How can I feel this words throughout my day?

How can this positive affirmation support me today? 

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