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Best Time to Visit Paris

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The best time to visit Paris is between October and April if your main objective is to avoid crowds under the best weather. The most popular time people visit Paris are usually from May to September, with July being the peak month. If you are one for a pea coat, the autumn colors and a mildly cold temperature, then you'll have the best time in October.

best time to visit paris

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Paris, the city of light, is the dream vacation of many people or would-be tourists. It is a city that offers adventure, culture, class, and history. Though many have called into question the cold demeanor of the average Parisian, bordering on rude, still tourists pour into the city without control. So, do you want to visit Paris? Are you wondering about the best time to visit the city? Continue reading to learn more about the best time to visit Paris.

What is the Best Month to Go to Paris?

First, there is no bad time to visit the city of lights. Every month has its own unique feature that will appeal to you, depending on your preferences. If you are looking to see the sights of Paris, the best month to go to Paris is July. The warm, long days, alongside the lovely atmosphere in the city makes the sights more stunning. However, you should prepare to bump into a lot of people and spend more since hotel bookings skyrocket at these times. If you are looking to visit for the holidays, sports and fashion festivals, among other festivities, the months of May, April, July, October, September, June, February, and December should be your targets.

When Should You Not Go to Paris?

Paris has over 20 million visitors every year, making it the most visited city in the world. Many tourists come to the city for a lot of things—to celebrate love, to take Instagrammable pictures, to enjoy the delicacies, or just to see the sights. There is no bad time to visit Paris; it all depends on your preferences about certain factors. Let's consider these factors:

a. Weather

French people complain about the weather in Paris, however, the weather is quite stable. You are always sure that the cold will come in the early months of the year and summer will come when it should. Spring in Paris falls between the months of April- June and fall comes from the month of September to the month of October. However, the summer months can be very uncomfortable because of the large crowds that come into the city. Coupled with the heat, Paris can really become an unpalatable place to live.

b. Festivals

Contrary to what people will think, there are people who are not unlike the Grinch. Christmas is a horrid celebration for them. If you belong to this category, you should not visit Paris from late November to early January. The lights, music, and holiday markets may keep you in an irritable mood all through the festive period. Also, there are festivals to celebrate sports, fashion, music, and national icons. If you don't fancy any of these activities, then you should not really visit Paris except on urgent business.

What Is the Cheapest Time of Year to Visit Paris?

The cheapest time of the year to visit Paris is definitely January, mid-January to be precise. By this time, most tourists will have left the country and the cold tends to keep people in their homes. This makes this period the cheapest period to visit Paris. On the other hand, July is the most expensive time to visit the city. June and August follow closely behind. These are the summer months and many people crowd into the city. Rooms become scarce and the rates and prices of accommodation, food, et cetera skyrocket. Flight prices also tend to go high during these periods.

What Is the Cheapest Month to Go to Paris?

The cheapest month to travel to Paris is January. By February, the fashion week and other festivities will begin to rear their head. However, January offers a little pause from the festivities that array the city of lights. The pomp of Christmas will have been laid to rest by mid-January and the cold of the month seems to also put the city to sleep. Since there are less people coming into the city, flight prices usually dip and become very affordable. Also, the prices of accommodation and food also take a downturn. If you do not want to spend so much coming into the city, you should definitely consider coming during January, but come prepared for the weather.

Paris in January

The weather is very cold in Paris in January, and can be humid, rainy, or snowy. The average temperature is 37° F (2.778°C). Daytime temperatures can reach 40°F (4.444°C) which is still chilly.

Paris in February

February is very cold and chilly in Paris, even colder than January. The weather averages 35°F (1.667°C) in the month, and drops to 32 (0°C) degrees Fahrenheit at night and early in the morning.

Paris in March

By March, Paris begins to warm up, although there are still occasions of rain. The trees and leaves begin to show signs of life. The temperature is 46°F (7.778°C) on average, allowing for some outdoor activities.

Paris in April

The weather in April fluctuates between warm and cold days, but mostly warm days. The temperature is generally about 59°F (15°C) and may sometimes reach 68°F (20°C).

Paris in May

May is warm in Paris, and even though there might be rain, the temperature is still warm. Most times, the temperature is around 68°F (20°C) and never drops past 50°F (10°C).

Paris in June

It's summertime in June, and the days are warm. There is no rainfall this month, and you should dress light. The average temperature is 68°F (20°C).

Paris in July

The weather is great, and there is no sign of a cloud. It's sunny in Paris in July. The verge temperature is 70°F (21.11°C) and sometimes, you might experience a heatwave.

Paris in August

The heat can be unbearable in August, and the weather is hot. The temperature average is 72°F (22.22°C).

Paris in September

Summertime is over and the temperature begins to reduce. However, the weather is still great. September in Paris averages a temperature of 60°F (15.56°C).

Paris in October

October signifies the end of the peak season and the beginning of the off-season. The weather begins to get chilly. In October, the temperature averages 52°F (11.11°C).

Paris in November

Winter is coming, and you can feel it in the air by November. The days become colder and chillier than the previous month. The average temperature in November is 43°F (6.111°C).

Paris in December

The weather is chilly and cold in December, signifying that winter has come. Snow begins to fall this month. The average temperature of Paris in December is 40°F (4.44°C).


Paris is the City of Lights and the home of lovers. It is the perfect holiday destination for you and your family. So take a leap forward and begin to save up for your trip to Paris today.

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