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One visit to Glacier National Park will convince you why it is regarded as "the crown of the continent." In this breathtaking region of Montana, you'll find breathtaking mountain scenery, high alpine meadows, strong water falls, gorgeous glaciers, and an abundance of wildlife. Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman or a casual traveler, you can find experiences among the glacier's towering peak. It is now your time to explore this magical location and learn about magic as we are taking into account various weather factors and things to enjoy while there. We have compiled the ideal times to travel to Glacier National Park in this article.


What is the best month to go to Glacier National Park?

For the majority of people, June through September during the summer is the best time to visit and explore Glacier National Park. During the summer, the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road, which runs the length of the park, is free of snow, and other high-mountain hiking trails are open throughout the year.

Is there a season that is not a good time to visit Glacier National Park?

You should generally avoid visiting during the winter when there are fewer wildlife encounters and little or no accessibility. Additionally, activities such as Going-to-the-Sun Road, can not be performed in the winter and spring. Unless you're open to exploring on skis,

What time should I get to Glacier National Park?

The time needed to get to Glacier National park to avoid summer crowds or vehicle traffic, you should get to the train station or park by 7 AM.

How many days do you need at Glacier National Park?

To see the major attractions of Glacier National Park, three days is the absolute minimum to explore some of its most beautiful regions. To make a visit to Glacier National Park worthwhile, we suggest you stay for three to five days.

Glacier National Park in January

In January, Glacier National Park is cold, snowy, and silent, just like it is during the other winter months, with an average high and low temperature of 31 and 16 degrees, respectively. This month, visitors can drive the short plowed segment of Going-to-the-Sun road and engage in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing in the park's western sector, mountain climbing, and snow sports at Bowman Lake.

Glacier National Park in February

In February, the average high temperature is 35 degrees, while the average low is 19 degrees. The best time to visit Glacier National Park during the winter is in February. There are a variety of winter activities along the way, whether you want to drive, go cross-country skiing, hike, or go snowshoeing. Going-to-the-Sun Road between Apgar Village—there is much fun there, so we suggest you take part in it to enjoy your visit to Glacier National Park to the fullest.

Glacier National Park in March

March in Glacier National Park receives a lot more rain than other winter months, with a high temperature of 46 degrees and a low temperature of 25 degrees, even though it doesn't feel very springlike. At this time of the month, we suggest you go camping, fishing, on boat trips, and taking photographs.

Glacier National Park in April

A typical day in December in Glacier National Park has an average high temperature of 22°F and a low temperature of 9°F. Some people could characterize it as being incredibly cold with a light breeze. During this month, there are opportunities like fishing, looking for wildlife, skiing, rafting, trail riding, and biking, which we suggest you take part in to enjoy your visit.

Glacier National Park in May

In May, snowfall is uncommon in Glacier National Park, with an average high of 54 and an average low of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Mid-May marks the start of lodge and visitor center openings and also brings in higher elevations. For you For those of you who want to avoid crowds, May is a fantastic month to visit Glacier National Park and enjoy hiking trails, biking, and looking at wildlife.

Glacier National Park in June

The average high and low temperatures are 74 and 44 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. Although June is sometimes underrated, it has grown to be one of the best months to visit Glacier National Park. On the rivers, roads, and trails of Glacier National Park, consider biking, trekking, and rafting in June without a doubt. Also this month, campgrounds, visitor centers, and lodges are busy; however, the nightly lows can still be cool. A high of 79°F (26°C) and low of 46°F (8°C) are encountered. In Glacier National Park, August is an active and warm month. Lodges, visitor centers, Going-to-the-Sun Road, and park shuttles are all fully operating in August; it's an awesome time to go. This month is warm during the day and cold at night, similar to July. Plan to arrive at trailheads before 8 a.m. if you're visiting in August to avoid crowded trails and to find parking. Visiting in August can be fantastic if you don't mind the crowds and enjoy the amazing events that occur in August in the National Park.

Glacier National Park in July

July is the best time to visit Glacier National Park. The weather is extremely hot and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 90 degrees during the day to 25 degrees at night. There's also a lot of rain during this month, which means that waterfalls are flowing and lakes are full. The best part about visiting in July is that there aren't as many people. This means that you'll be able to enjoy the wilderness without being crowded by other tourists (although you will see plenty of them). Another benefit of visiting Glacier National Park in July is that it's slightly less crowded than other months because fewer people go up there in July due to vacations or school breaks. All these reasons make July the best time to visit Glacier National Park!

Glacier National Park in August

August is a great time to visit Glacier national park. The waterfalls are high and the mosquitoes aren't as bad as they can be in July or September. During this month the weather in Glacier national park is warm and sunny, so you can enjoy your trip without being too cold or having to worry about rain during your visit. The days are long and sunny in august, which makes it even more enjoyable for a family vacation. Also, with no snowfall in Glacier national park in august, there are no worries about hiking in the wintertime. Lastly, the sunrises are especially beautiful this month, so if you're looking for some gorgeous photos, August is the best time to go!

Glacier National Park in September

Glacier national park weather in September especially in mid-September is great and less busy than in the summer. It experiences an average high and low temperature of 75 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. There are lots of activities to engage in this month such as, the best fall hikes, fall fly fishing, and views of Logan Pass.

Glacier National Park in October

The average high and low temperatures experienced in October are 47 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. If you're into cross-country ski, we suggest that you cross-country ski and snowshoe on the portions of the road that are closed during the winter. You can also go see Wild Goose Island, hike, and go on a red bus tour. In addition, you can take photos, get shots of wildlife, incline, slide, and go on driving around the park.

Glacier National Park in November

Glacier National Park's winter season begins in November, with average high and low temperatures of 42 and 26 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. During this time of the year things begin to slow down ushering in the off-season when all lodges and visitor centers are shut down. Additionally, this month Going-to-the-Sun Road and Many Glacier Road are also closed. However, Apgar Village and Lake McDonald are the easiest parts of the park to access in November, and there are incredible fun-filled events to participate in if you want to enjoy your visit to Glacier National Park in November. Lastly, you can also opt for hiking, biking, zip lining, rope courses, ski lifts, and boat tours this month.

Glacier National Park in December

In Glacier National Park, December is the coldest month of the year, with an average high and low temperature of 22 and 9 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively, with a few days above freezing and a lot of snowfall and numerous snowstorms. In December, activities such as cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, Logan Pass nature photography, and snowshoeing are popular winter sports in Glacier National Park. December might be a great season for isolation, but for individuals who don't mind the chilly temperatures and wish to explore Glacier's winter grandeur, we suggest you get yourself involved in the amazing activities December has to offer.


There you have it; the best time to visit Glacier. We hope you found your Ideal month to visit Glacier National Park to take advantage of its breath-taking scenery and climate. Do you have any additional information about visiting Glacier National Park? Tell us in the comments section below!

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