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Best time to Visit Denver 2023

Denver, also widely recognized as the "Mile High City," is an outdoor city known for its world-class cultural attractions, thriving craft breweries, chef-driven dining, and red-hot music scene, all conveniently located near the Rocky Mountains. Denver is well-known for its global museums, first-rate breweries, and historical landmarks. This city has a distinct vibe that draws visitors from around the world. It has a thriving arts and culture scene, a diverse population, and incredible natural beauty. In this article, we have compiled a monthly list of the best times to visit Denver in 2023. Hence, no matter what type of traveler you are, there is a perfect month for you below based on your preferred weather pattern, activities, and other things.


When is the Best Month to Visit Denver

The months of March through May and June through August are often the best for visiting Denver.

When is the Cheapest Month to visit Denver

Denver's cheapest months are April, May, September, and October which are the perfect times to visit. The weather is pleasant, and because it's shoulder season, there will be fewer tourists at popular sights, reduced hotel rates, and less expensive airfare than during the summer and winter high seasons.

When is the Rainiest Month in Denver

With an average rainfall of 1.9 inches, May is the rainiest in Denver.

What is the hottest month in Denver

July is the hottest month of the year in Denver. The average high temperature is 88°F and the low temperature is 62°F.

What is the coldest month in Denver

With an average low of 23°F and a high of 46°F, December is the coldest month of the year in Denver.

How many days is enough for Denver

Planning for 3 to 4 days in Denver with the city as a home base is the ideal way to organize things because the state capital has such a lively cultural environment and there is so much to discover even outside of the metropolitan core.

What is the busiest time of the month in Denver

The busiest time of the month in Denver is summer.

How much do I need for a week in Denver

For your trip to Denver, you should budget about $174 per day, which is the average daily price based on what other travelers spend there.

Is Denver expensive

Denver is by far the most expensive region of the state. Consider visiting one of the many other things to see in Colorado instead if you're on a tight budget.


In Denver, summer is the finest time to travel because of the fantastic weather, events, festivals, and attractions. However, summer is also the busiest season for tourists in the city and no matter what you like, the Mile High City has something for you from June to August. Snow or ice cannot be expected to disrupt any events, and severe thunderstorms are uncommon and short-lived. While the summer can be quite warm, the low humidity makes the heat bearable. Pack adequately and always keep an eye on kids in the heat as summer highs can occasionally range from the high 90s to triple digits.

Furthermore, no matter what your family or you and your friends enjoy, there are several festivals, sights, and events to pick from. Summer brings the reopening of Elitch Gardens Theme Park, the huge bloom at Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado Rockies baseball, and other exciting events. You can also attend the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, which is held in early July in the Cherry Creek shopping and business district. Hundreds of artists from all around the world display their work for viewing and purchase. Throughout the summer, you will undoubtedly have a variety of possibilities as well as a fun and memorable stay.


Generally, it is freezing at night and warm throughout the day. For example, in early October, temperatures can still exceed 28 °C (82 °F), yet at night, temperatures can drop below freezing. Although it may snow between April and October, the snow usually melts fast because of the temperature during the day. However, in the spring, flowers bloom, animals awaken, and the city comes back to life after a long winter. If you enjoy the snow and the activities that go along with it, spring is the best season to visit Denver. However, if you dislike rain, spring is not the best time to visit Denver. March is Denver's snowiest month, while May is Denver's rainiest month. The temperatures are pleasant in the middle and late spring, allowing you to participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

Additionally, The Denver Chalk Art Festival is enjoyable for the entire family. So, get your hands filthy and colorful as 200 different artists create masterpieces with sidewalk chalk. If you are looking for something a little more refined than chalk paint, go to the Downtown Denver Arts Festival, which takes place in late May. You'll have a fantastic time.


Fall in Colorado is one of the most beautiful and colorful times of the year when we rush to make time for fall-foliage drives, harvest celebrations, and other seasonal activities. Although the weather can get cold, October is still a terrific season to visit Denver. Stay in Denver for Thanksgiving dinner. Snow is prevalent, however, most of the snow and colder weather occur in January and later. Highs in the fall typically range from the 50s to the 70s F, with lows seldom exceeding freezing until December. However, bring warm and waterproof gear as freezing temperatures and snow can strike the area unexpectedly. In the fall, you may still enjoy parks, hikes around the city, and other outdoor activities without freezing.

There are also lots of events and activities throughout the fall, including home football games for the Denver Broncos, but many outdoor attractions and events close down for the season in late fall. You can attend the Great American Beer Fest (GABF), which is held on the first weekend of October and attracts beer aficionados and brewers from all over the world. The GABF is one of the world's best beer festivals and should not be missed if you enjoy your suds. Lastly, this is a good time to connect with new people and have fun.


During the mild winters, the average daily maximum temperature is 45 ° F, with days occasionally exceeding 60 °. Because snow does not stick to the ground for long in Denver, golf courses and outdoor cafes can remain open all year. The tourism industry in Denver is at its lowest volume during the winter. Denver in the winter is the ideal time to come if you prefer to travel without being snared in crowds of people or perspiring in queues. There are still a ton of fantastic indoor activities available in Denver, such as museums, sports, breweries, restaurants, and more, even though many outdoor attractions close for the winter. The most intimate experience of Denver may be traveling there in the winter.

Also, there are many exciting activities and events to attend at this time of year, including Denver's Christkindl Market, which is open from late fall to early January and is a terrific place to get into the holiday spirit. There will be holiday-themed crafts, delectable foods from around the world, live music, and much more. In addition, many plants in Denver's Botanic Gardens lay dormant over the winter, while the gardens themselves remain active. For a new perspective in a gorgeous location, try the Botanic Garden's Blossom of Light Tour.


And there you have it, the best times of year to visit Denver to enjoy its breathtaking views and weather, depending on your preferences and trip objectives. Is there anything else we should know about visiting Denver? Let us know in the comments below!

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