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Best Time to Visit Bali 2022

Bali is famous for its beaches and volcanoes, but the island also has a lot to offer travelers of different types. The tropical paradise is generally sunny and clear, but with enough humidity to feel like you're on vacation even when it's not sunny. Hence, if you are planning a trip to Bali, below are the different times of the year for you to visit based on the different weather conditions all year round, and activities to engage in while visiting.


What time of year is the cheapest to go to Bali?

The cheapest month to fly to Bali is in February. And because it is the rainy season, lodging is usually inexpensive at this time of year.

What are the warm months in Bali?

The warmest months are July and August, but if you're looking for cooler temperatures, September and October are also good choices.

What is the rainy season in Bali?

The rainy season in Bali runs from November through April, but this time of year may be unpredictable as well. If you want rain without getting caught out in it, December and January are your better bets.

What is the driest month in Bali?

August is the driest month in Bali. The southern monsoon is kicking up the winds at this time, so if are visiting at this time you want to bring your raincoats, umbrellas, and other rain gear.

Bali In January

January is typically Bali's wettest month, though rainfall is not always consistent; hot sunny days with average temperatures of 26°C can be expected, but these will likely be interrupted by brief tropical downpours. Temperatures in the higher regions surrounding Mount Batur are cooler and can drop to 15°C at night. Additionally, there are numerous festivals and activities available, such as visiting the beaches and the Bali Safari & Marine Park, among others.

Bali In February

In February, the rainy season continues, with hot and humid days punctuated by intense periods of tropical rainfall. The temperature remains constant at 26°C, but due to the rough seas at this time of year, diving and snorkeling visibility around West Bali National Park is greatly reduced.

It is also a time when people come to relax, hang out in cafés and restaurants in Sanur. This is because of the wind and currents seas off the south-west coast of Bali. The weather at this time is ideal for paragliding or surfing. Unfortunately, beaches in general can become very dirty as a result of trash washed ashore. Lately, the Bali government and some NGOs have worked hard in doing beach clean-up frequently; lets hope, this unpleasant view will no longer appear on Bali’s beaches.

Bali In March

This is another month with a high chance of afternoon rain showers. While the days are hot, with temperatures reaching an average of 27°C, and humidity can be oppressive; for relief, head inland to Ubud's cooler temperatures. Also, March marks the end of the rainy season in Bali. However, these days, March can be dry compared to a decade ago because it appears that the seasons are not as predictable as they once were. Lastly, you get to enjoy the Nyepi time (Balinese New Year Festivities and Day of Absolute Silence), so it's an interesting time to be in Bali just for that.

Bali In April

With Bali's wet season coming to an end, the likelihood of rain this month begins to decline significantly. Hence, you get to enjoy the brighter days. While March was still in the transition period between the rainy and dry seasons, April is drier and brighter with occasional showers of rain. At this time, the beach resorts is cleaner, it is not too windy along the coast, the weather is sunny, and hotels slowly filling up. Easter sometimes occur in April, which can be a peak season for Bali, so certain areas may become crowded, and lodging may become more expensive. You'll have mostly sunny days, and temperatures will begin to rise. Also, With less winds along the coast, water visibility for diving and snorkeling off Bali’s east coast is very good.

Bali In May

May is Bali's hottest month, with maximum temperatures reaching 29°C. The weather will be consistently dry and sunny, making it ideal for diving and mountain climbing conditions. This is an excellent month to look for the best value deals since the island is not overly crowded at this time of year. Also, you can expect fantastic dry season weather, with evenings remaining cool and breezy. The beaches are generally clean, and the sea is considerable calm at this time. By this time, the Easter season is over, and there are no major holidays on the horizon, so prices are low, with savings of up to 30% off peak season rates. It's considered by most to be one of the best times to visit Bali, just like June and September.

Bali In June

June is one of the best months to visit Bali, with constant sunshine and a delightfully warm average temperature of 27°C. This month is still not quite the high season, so with visitor numbers relatively low, you'll find less crowded hotels, beaches, and restaurants if you visit June. Lastly, you get to enjoy activities like water sports with less crowds.

Bali In July

This is another dry month. There is only four rainy days per month on average in. It is considered the High Season because of the summer holidays. At this time, the number of visitors rapidly increase, as hotels, resorts, tour operators, and spa managers are preparing for Bali's most important and busiest month. Naturally, the cost of hotel rooms and villas rises due to the crowd. If you do not book your hotel rooms in advance, you may miss out on the best deals or the best locations. Additionally, every weekend, great parties, clubbing, and festivals take place, and the best DJs from around the world are flown in to entertain the crowds in the clubs.

Bali In August

August in Bali, like July, is in the midst of the dry season. Typically, we expect the least amount of rain this month. Bali's temperatures are pretty consistent all year, but temperatures don't drop as much at night in August as they do in May and June. However, because it is the holiday season in many countries, it appears that August is still the high season. Prices for hotel rooms and villa rentals have risen to the same level as during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, and the south of Bali is bustling (Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Canggu). There is a lot going on all over the island. And, despite the occasional rain shower, you will see the sunny side of Bali.

Bali In September

September is still a mostly dry month, with plenty of sunshine and clear skies and temperatures averaging a scorching 27°C. While the weather is still lovely and beautiful, the rain might have started to return in small amounts, which is beneficial to nature and provides a welcome change of scenery from time to time. Subsequently, the second and third weeks of September are no longer considered high season as it begins to quiet down again. Prices for hotel rooms and villa rentals are reduced by up to 30%.

Bali In October

Since October marks the official start of the wet season, expect brief bursts of rain this month. Temperatures remain very warm in October, and water visibility remains excellent around the protected dive sites of Menjangan and West Bali National Park. While, on average, there are 15 days of rain in October, most of which are light. It's still a fantastic month to visit here. Even when it rains, Bali has many great activities to offer away from the beach. This is an excellent month for finding cheaper hotel rooms and villas because it is the low season. Although, some international festivals are still held on occasion.

Bali In November

During this time, everything in Bali slows down. The trek to the volcanoes is canceled. Although there are still sunny days to enjoy beaches and surfing, most visitors come during the rainy season to enjoy a peaceful Bali. Room rates have dropped to an all-time low. Restaurants have great deals, and many stores have sales signs up. It's time to unwind, eat delicious food, read a good book, and spend hours in coffee shops meeting interesting people and learning about Bali's culture. But it never gets too quiet in Bali; there are always parties and clubbing going on. With the wet season well underway, expect more rain in November, particularly near the end of the month. Sunny days are still common, and temperatures still remain hot, averaging 27°C. Mountain climbing and trekking Mount Batur are not recommended regarding the weather situation.

Bali In December

Although there is a high chance of rain showers in December in Bali, you can still enjoy long periods of sunshine and very warm temperatures. Water visibility is decreasing as sea conditions worsen and the south coast beaches become more windy. Despite the rain, Christmas and New Year's remain popular times of year for visitors, so if you're planning a trip to Bali now, book your activities ahead of time.


And there you have it, the best time of the year to travel to Bali based on your preferred climate and events to attend. We hope you found a season for you to best enjoy the beautiful tropical Island. Did we miss something, or do you have something to add? Kindly, drop a comment below.


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